Reopening of tourism activities should be based on the results of the assessment of the level of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Ministry of Health has just sent the official response to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism about consulting on the draft plan on reopening tourism activities under new normal conditions.

Nam Pung white pear blossom season

Every year, in February and March, when the pear, peach, and plum flowers jubilantly bloom all over the Northwest highlands, I happen to remind of a special land with beautiful white pear gardens. White pear and plum flowers bloom in the villages of Ha Nhi and Dao people next to ancient soil houses, creating the picture that is both pure and wild, making everyone surprised.

Building tourism products with Lao Cai "brand"

In the period of 2016-2021, Lao Cai tourism has achieved impressive results, many large-scale tourism projects have been effectively put into operation, attracting many strategic investors to invest and develop the tourism products with "Lao Cai brand", the tourism industry has gradually confirmed itself as the "breakthrough" stage in the economic development of the province.

Si Ma Cai: First time organizing the White Pear Flower Festival

On March 5, in Lao Chai village, the People's Committee of Quan Ho Than commune, Si Ma Cai district held the first White Pear Flower Festival in 2022.

Step by step bringing tourism to become a breakthrough sector

In each development stage, Lao Cai province has appropriate adjustment about policies, strategies and solutions to gradually bring the tourism industry into a breakthrough sector in socio-economic development.

Hop Thanh in the rainy season: The beautiful picture of Lao Cai city

Having the opportunity to come to Hop Thanh (Lao Cai city) this March, the visitors will be surprised by the beauty of terraced fields in the rainy season.

Sparkling "sea of clouds" Muong Hoa

This season, coming to Muong Hoa commune (Sa Pa town), you will be overwhelmed by the white "sea of clouds" hidden among the mountains and forests, beside the villages and hamlets here.

Photo series: Y Ty season of medlar flowers

After a long hibernation, the medlar forests in the highlands of Y Ty - Bat Xat (Lao Cai) have awakened, showing off their pure white flower clusters. Coming to the mountainous region of Y Ty in these days in March, you will be surprised and overwhelmed by the abundance of medlar flowers. If you follow the route from Trinh Tuong to Y Ty, you are free to walk in the clouds and adventure with medlar flowers from the old forests along both sides of the road... Take your camera and go cross the cloud road, go cross the villages in the rainy season, walk among the white color of medlar in the primeval season in the "capital" of the land "where the Red River flows into Vietnam" right now.

Ready to welcome foreign tourists

Nhu Sang cloud yard

Coming to Bac Ha, if you just get lost in the brilliant yellow canola flower gardens on the hillside or the plum gardens, the pear gardens are filled with pure white flowers, but if you ignore the experience of Nhu Sang cloud yard (Nhù Sang village has merged with Hoang Ha village, so it's also called Hoang Ha cloud yard), it's a pity for you.