Green tourism development

In addition to the management and protection of forests, biodiversity protection, conservation and scientific research, Hoang Lien National Park is increasingly interested in developing eco-tourism, green and sustainable tourism development to effectively exploit the potential and strengths that nature offers.

Colors of Can Cau market

In the market fairs held in Lao Cai, Can Cau market still retains the traditional cultural features of hundreds of years of the Mong Hoa, Black Dao, Tay, Nung and Giay people. The market meets on the side of Road No 153, the road connecting Bac Ha town with the border town of Si Ma Cai.

Experience harvesting Tai nung pears in Nam Pung Commune

On July 3, at Kin Chu Phin 2 village, Nam Pung commune, the People's Committee of Bat Xat district held a festival to experience harvesting Tai nung pears in 2022.

Bat Xat makes imprint to promote tourism

In addition to upgrading traffic infrastructure, investing in the construction of accommodation facilities, embellishing and repairing tourist attractions, supporting people to do tourism… Bat Xat district also pays special attention to creating imprint through specific tourism products

Digital transformation in tourism

Promoting digital transformation in tourism activities to improve the quality of tourism services, building smart destinations and improving the adaptability of Lao Cai tourist destinations is one of the key tasks of the tourism industry in the near future.

Impressive 8th International Yoga Day in Sapa town

The International YOGA Day in Sa Pa has ended, but the images and emotions are still intact in the hearts of tourists. This is the first time, International Yoga Day is held in Sa Pa (Lao Cai).

Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai" will be held in Sa Pa from August 5-8

In order to restore and develop tourism, effectively exploit natural resources and cultural heritages; strengthen cooperation, linkage in tourism development among 8 expanded Northwestern provinces, from August 5 to August 8, 2022, Lao Cai province will organize the Festival "Essence of the Northwest - Flavors of Lao Cai" in Sapa town.

Bat Xat: On August 13-14, there will be paragliding, SUP rowing, and Camping performances

In 2 days (June 10 - 11), the Culture and Information Department of Bat Xat District coordinated with the of Paragliding Club and Vietup Travel Company to organize a survey flight and agree on the content of the paragliding, SUP rowing, Camping performances with the theme “Flying in the golden season”.

Exploring the Muong Khuong market at the weekend

Lao Cai is the mountainous border province of the Northwest, Vietnam, with many unique cultural identities, creating colorful picture. The market fair in the highlands of Lao Cai is always an attractive destination for tourists and Muong Khuong market fair is also an impressive destination for all tourists who have the opportunity to visit.

Lao Cai establishes foundational factors to ensure sustainable development

Recognizing the position and role of culture in the process of construction, integration and development, for many years, Lao Cai province has had programs and solutions to invest resources for conservation, promotion and development of cultural values associated with socio-economic development and sustainable poverty reduction.